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IRS Form 2290 Instant Filing - Quick & Easy!     

Current tax period is 2013-2014. Expired tax period is 2012-2013.
Remember - Your filing is not complete until you have your schedule 1 in hand.

File your IRS Form 2290 electronically, save time and money, and reduce preparation and processing errors. Submit your return online and get your Schedule 1 through our website. No more waiting in line at the IRS or waiting for it to come in the mail! (Please note: we currently do not support vehicles that are used exclusively for the transportation of products harvested from forested sites (logging vehicles)) Authorized IRS e-File Provider

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Our online filing fee is only $32.95 per filing, NO MATTER HOW MANY TRUCKS YOU FILE!

Why sign up? So we can post your IRS Form 2290 Schedule 1 receipt directly to your account! You will receive an email when its ready. Then you just log in from the comforts of your home or office and print your schedule 1. We offer this service to save you time waiting at the IRS, and then waiting again to get your Schedule 1. What's more, you can start your 2290, then, if you need to continue later, you can sign back in and complete your filing at a later time. Convenient, simple and quick to complete, that is!

Remember that all carriers with 25 or more vehicles with registered gross weights of 55,000 pounds or more must electronically file Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290.

Note: A filing is completed once you receive your schedule 1, generally within minutes. Additional schedule 1's filed throughout the year are considered new filings, just like the old paper form.

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