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 My Suspended Vehicles are going over the 5000 mile limit.


Suspended vehicles exceeding the mileage use limit :

Once a suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage use limit, the tax becomes due. Mileage use limit means the use of a vehicle on public highways 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles). The mileage use limit applies to the total mileage a vehicle is used during a period, regardless of the number of owners.

Figure the tax on Form 2290, page 2, based on the month the vehicle was first used in the period. Report the tax on Form 2290, line 2. Check the Amended Return box on page 1 and to the right of “Amended Return” write the month in which the mileage use limit was exceeded. Do not complete Form 2290, Part II. File the amended Form 2290 and Schedule 1 by the last day of the month following the month in which the mileage use limit was exceeded.


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